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Access to the Eternal through Universal Arts

          Unseen forces, which our subconscious mind captures and transforms, play everyday roles in our interaction with the world around us. They are transformed into thoughts, thoughts into actions, actions into habits and habits into our lives.

Form, color, light, shadow and subject matter within images evoke such forces, and arouse feelings that our minds have engraved into our hearts.

Such is the importance of the image when projected through the eyes into the back of our minds, traveling through regions unknown to the conscious mind, and sparking synapses which awake, create or destroy neuronal patterns.

To beautify life through our thought processes, to balance our waking worlds, and to bring us closer to truth, be it individual or collective, has been one of the main tasks of the man-made image since time immemorial.

To bring us closer to our creator by means of imitation has been the main engine for humankind´s creative efforts. The search for beauty and personal as well as collective spirituality have played an important role in this endeavor where we seek to embrace the paternal-maternal feeling of Love, as we are inclined to do so since birth.

           Recurring images return and recycle themselves in time through generations of human created imagery, such as higher force creations also return and recycle themselves within the animal and plant kingdoms where species and specimens are born, evolve and wither away in different lapses of time, but in measurable cycles.

Immutable forces of nature, which remain constant in spite of their constant change and movement, are also recurring constantly and are measurable through acute observation.

Even the quickly evolving human made environment where technology, ideology, fashion and politics play important roles, recycles and returns as all other forces of nature which we evidently cannot escape no matter how much world we construct.

           Transformation is the main act of matter, and while we destroy certain things and create others, we are only adding to the transformation of matter, which has been happening long before we were acting as humanity and will continue long after we are no more.

In our heartbeat lifespan, we really change nothing but our own consciousness and in the less than 100,000 years that we have been transforming the world around us, we have essentially not changed much of ourselves.

We remain as we always were and will be; floating electrons in constant motion, creating different patterns through consciousness or unconsciousness, driven by forces which we may or may not be meant to comprehend, but can evidently apply.

We are as we always were and will be; we will shine or we will darken, we will wake or we will sleep, we will rest or move around, and what will change will only be our perception of this motion.

Time will stretch back and forth providing evidence of our existence, and matter composed of energy and space will be transformed; and in these cycles along we will go with everything else that is.

We are cosmic natives of our planet, we are technological as well as spiritual, fire as well as LED, dirt and silicone, air, pixels, smoke, water, coffee, sugar, corn, chocolate, electricity and beer.

We love to imitate our creator with anything we might have in our power, be it a bonfire charcoal or an apple laptop, and for thousands of years we have gazed into the same stars with the same eyes and the same awe, within the same surface of the globe; our home in the Universe as long as we can remember.

- J.Carbo



¨Don´t bend; don´t water it down; don´t try to make it logical; don´t edit your own soul according to fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.¨ - Franz Kafka.

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